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The Havahart traps have been very useful trapping iguanas in a number of locations and can keep you from the need to handle the iguana.

The basic model 1079 trap Is one I’ve used frequently with great success. You can bait them when needed or use no bait and place the trap in any path they regularly use like along a seawall. If they can see through it they will just walk into it because they are on a mission to eat, bask in the sun or return to where they came from.

They will do this once or twice a day routinely. Sometimes you need to put obstacles next to the trap to guide them in and keep them from walking around it.

People think they need a larger trap for larger iguanas but that's not true. They are very flexible and turn around after the door starts closing. When they do that the door drops down enough for the door to lock into place. The iguana in the photos on the right is 5 feet long and 6 foot iguanas will fit in the traps just as easily.   

Model 1045 is a 2 door variation and is useful for iguanas moving in either direction along a known path.

 Recent improvements to those two traps are the Easy Set versions. As the name implies they are very easy to use BUT the greatest advantage is safety. Iguanas have approximately 300 very sharp teeth to slice and shred their food which will also deliver a very nasty and painful bite requiring many stitches. I’ve been lucky and have never been bitten. Removing the iguana from the trap had always required me to reach into the trap and grab the iguana to pull it out. Lately with a larger freezer I can drop the trap in and remove it safely when it’s cold or frozen. Using an old refrigerator can also slow them down so they can hardly move and make the job safer.

The model 1085 is the single door version and the model 1064 is a two door model which can also be used as with just one door when needed. The advantage I think is removing the iguana without ever getting your hand near the door opening. Well worth a few extra bucks.